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Our kids' classes provide an exciting platform for children to gain skills in basic steps and develop their confidence in dancing. We also offer tailored teen classes to help students refine their current skills and learn more advanced moves. Adults can join our classes as well and take advantage of the opportunity to learn new moves, improve their technique and feel empowered by mastering a challenging activity.


No matter what type of dancer you are—from beginner to advanced—we have something for everyone at Studio 860. Our classes challenge our students to grow and expand their knowledge of dance, while providing them with the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.


We believe that learning dance should be a fun, enriching experience, where our students are encouraged to try new styles gain valuable life skills, express themselves creatively, and develop healthy relationships with others along the way.

At Studio 860, hip hop culture and dance hold a significant place in our hearts. They symbolize a vibrant form of expression that transcends boundaries and unites people from diverse backgrounds. This cultural movement, born out of creativity and resilience, embodies the spirit of freedom and innovation that we strive to instill in our students. The rhythmic beats, the dynamic moves, the raw energy - all these elements of hip hop dance serve as a powerful medium to express individuality and passion. For us, teaching hip hop is not just about choreography; it's about imparting a part of this rich culture, fostering self-confidence, and empowering our students to express themselves without inhibition. Hip hop, with its roots deeply embedded in social commentary and community, also allows us to engage our students in meaningful dialogues about societal issues, thus making dance a transformative experience.

Our commitment lies in offering our students an all-encompassing experience, encouraging them to push their talents beyond their wildest dreams. Through an assortment of workshops, jams, and courses, Studio 860 presents a broad spectrum of dance styles that will fuel your passion for dance for years to come.

Want more of a dance challenge or to sharpen your skills on the dance floor? Our 860 hip-hop and dance technique classes are available at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.


Need to prepare for that upcoming wedding or special event performance?  Do you and your friends want to learn some custom dance moves to be the life of the party?  Ask our staff about custom dance choreography for your private lessons today!

Studio 860 is an excellent event space, rehearsal and production facility for various types of projects. Free parking is available and can be used for your events such as: private parties, classes,auditions & more!

and Events

Studio 860 is the number one provider of professional dance talent in the area. We provide dancers and choreographers for concerts & tours, sporting event halftime shows, flash-mobs,  weddings, parties, meetings, public and private events.

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